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Individual Taxation

Why is individual taxation important:

Malaysia taxation regime adopted self-assessment system that individuals will be accountable for the submission and payment of income tax according to the stipulated timelines. In such regulatory requirements, tax-payers are required to be equipped with understanding to the computation of income tax and the record keeping requirements. Over the years, we observed various tax-payers who are unfamiliar with the regulations slammed with penalties and fines as a result of errors made in the tax computation. The responsibilities of tax-payers are further intensified with the changes in the Income Tax Act over the years, by the form of Public Rulings. 
Over the years, we have identified the following common pitfalls in error in tax computations. 
  1. Omission of other income (e.g. rental income, commission income, etc) 
  2. Utilization of tax relief that are not eligible 
  3. Missing the tax return deadlines. 

What we offer 

In the regulatory environment where it is difficult for the tax-payers to gain understanding to the taxation regulations and tax computation process, tax-payers often engage Income Tax Agents in assisting the preparation of individual tax computations, and the submission of income tax return forms. Such individual income tax computation and submission services effectively spared the tax-payers from the effort required to look into the tax laws and tax relief particulars. 
Besides that, as a tax agent with extensive experiences and wide spread of industrial exposures, we will also discuss and understand if there is any tax relief that are eligible, so as to optimize the tax positions legally.