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In Syarikat Sai group of companies, we promote continuous learning and development of staff. Our wide scope of services segment, and wide spread of clientele industries granted ample of opportunities for our staff to gain exposure to various segment of work. Staffs may also request to management for posting to other departments, for greater exposure to professional services. 
The management team aim to establish horizontal organizational structure with less hierarchical structures. We strongly believe in teamwork and the success of the firm is a direct result of commitment and contributions by everyone in the firm. And such cohesive work environment also encourages the knowledge sharing and learning among peers. 
The firm also emphasize strongly to continuous development of the staff, where management strong belief that the accounting staff must keep up-to-date with the latest development of all accounting, taxation, and businesses regulatory requirements. Technical updates are held frequently to furnish the staff with latest knowledge on the Income Tax Public Rulings, Director’s General Decisions on the Goods and Services Tax, etc. 
    Desa Tebrau Office
  Accounting and GST Division  
    Kulai Office
  Accounting and GST Division  
    Kulai Office
  Direct Taxation and Secretary